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Kerri Kasem

Kerri is a multimedia personality, producer and beauty consultant. For many years, she hosted a health podcast show and had a weekly radio show on 790 KABC with Dr. David Amron and Dr. Paul Nassif (E! Botched) in Los Angeles. “For over 30 years, friends, family and celebrities have come to me for personal consultations on anti-aging, health and beauty tips,” Kerri said. “I’ve been giving advice since I was in high school. Our vision is to help more people become healthier and more confident with Ageless and Healthy, using research from experts in the field.”

Lisa Caprelli

Lisa is the founder of LisaCaprelli.com and ArtWineExpression and has worked with over 150 dynamic CEO’s to create and execute vision to change their lives and their businesses.  Her unique approach to finding meaning and purpose with clients, she transforms lives with personal and business communication techniques to achieve success in all areas of life.  “I have helped grow leaders and brands for over 24 years.  “I have discovered that before you can grow your business, you must have an understanding of purpose, meaning and enrichment.  Through Ageless & Healthy with Kerri Kasem and our amazing team, I have the opportunity to reach millions of people to live a happy and meaningful life.”  I believe to be ageless and healthy, you must have happiness in both personal and business relationships.  Drawing from personal and expert experiences, Lisa writes and speaks about motivation, inspiration.  She has numerous interviews with business experts for the upcoming book SkipaStep.net.  Lisa graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Psychology from Park University.

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