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Kerri Kasem

Kerri is a multimedia personality, producer and beauty consultant. For many years, she hosted a health podcast show and had a weekly radio show on 790 KABC with Dr. David Amron and Dr. Paul Nassif (E! Botched) in Los Angeles. “For over 30 years, friends, family and celebrities have come to me for personal consultations on anti-aging, health and beauty tips,” Kerri said. “I’ve been giving advice since I was in high school. Our vision is to help more people become healthier and more confident with Ageless and Healthy, using research from experts in the field.”

Lisa Caprelli

Lisa is the founder of and ArtWineExpression and has worked with over 150 dynamic CEO’s to create and execute vision to change their lives and their businesses.  Her unique approach to finding meaning and purpose with clients, she transforms lives with personal and business communication techniques to achieve success in all areas of life.  “I have helped grow leaders and brands for over 24 years.  “I have discovered that before you can grow your business, you must have an understanding of purpose, meaning, and enrichment.  Through Ageless & Healthy with Kerri Kasem and our amazing team, I have the opportunity to reach millions of people to live a happy and meaningful life.”  I believe to be ageless and healthy, you must have happiness in both personal and business relationships.  Drawing from personal and expert experiences, Lisa writes and speaks about motivation, inspiration.  She has numerous interviews with business experts for the upcoming book  Lisa graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Psychology from Park University.

Lori Caprelli, RN, BSN

A Midwestern Viewpoint

“Interacting with all walks of life, being a nurse motivates me to be healthy as I often see the consequences of unhealthy decisions because I was not always healthy.”

Lori grew up in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Ohio University. She chose the field of nursing because of the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. When she is not working, Lori enjoys traveling, hiking, learning and spending time with family and her two cats. She continues to learn about nursing, an always evolving field.

Alexis Maron

Alexis Maron, Life Coach

With her love of performance art firmly in place when she began acting at age five, Alexis has since harnessed that passion to become a Registered Drama Therapist and is using the exciting therapeutic practice to change lives wherever she goes.

Alexis graduated from UCLA in 2003 and from NYU in 2010, where she earned her M.A. in Drama Therapy. While in New York, she worked with at-­risk high school students, the homeless and mentally disordered, and adults battling drug addiction. Since returning to California and beginning her practice, she has facilitated a ground-breaking Drama Therapy program for adults with down syndrome at the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County, and is currently conducting group therapy at several prominent addiction treatment facilities including Promises Treatment Center in LA, California, Simple Recovery in Orange County, and Westside Treatment Center in Santa Monica where she has been using Psychodrama as well as other Drama Therapy techniques to aid those suffering from alcohol, drug, and sex/love addictions.

She has been a featured speaker at the Center For Healthy Sex in Los Angeles and also teaches an introductory Drama Therapy class for high school seniors at the renowned Orange County School of the Arts.

She also offers private and independent group sessions, and has begun work on her first book about her experiences utilizing drama therapy’s powerful techniques due out next year.

Ashley Marriott

Ashley has inspired thousands of people to live healthier and happier lives during her 17 years as a fitness professional. She has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Her classes and trainings reach a broad range of clients that include celebrities, busy moms, weekend warriors, seniors and professionals who all share the desire to get fit, have fun, and lead healthier lives. Ashley has co-authored three books, Dump Your Trainer, Size 2 For Life and Your Best Body Now. I am the creator of Burn ‘N Firm fitness series and have been featured on Exercise TV. She is a frequent guest on radio and television (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW networks) sharing her get fit strategies and have written dozens of fitness and nutrition articles for publications worldwide. She continues to teach packed classes throughout Los Angeles, bringing an infectious enthusiasm to all of my classes and training sessions.

Ashley Marriott

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